2nd post assignment: Current Event

Your next post assignment is a “Current Event” post.

 Find an interesting online news article and summarize (put it in your own words, not just copy/paste).  It should be a recent news item.  It doesn’t have to be “hard” news, you may also choose from sports or entertainment news.  

Your post should summarize the article (in your own words) and state your opinion.  

One of your text hyperlinks must be a link to the original article you are summarizing. 

Please do not copy/paste from the article directly.  Summarize it in your OWN WORDS!  Blogging about current events, particularly politics,  is a very popular blogging style. 

Make sure to use the post checklist to be certain you include all required elements.

Here is a sample:

Old pine trees safe from beetles for now

It took a major effort and quite a lot of cash to save the old Ponderosa and Lodgepole pine trees in the Lubrecht Experimental Forest in Greenough, about 50 miles east of Missoula.  The forest is a “living laboratory” managed by the University of Montana’s College of Forestry and Conservation.  If there is an Arctic cold (like -30) for a few weeks this winter, that could eliminate the pine beetle population that has been so devastating to forests in the area.  Otherwise, the expensive chemical may have to be reapplied to the trees.

I think it’s better if the pine beetle is eliminated from cold weather rather than toxic insecticides.



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1st post assignment: Hello World! About Me

Now that you’ve explored some blogs, it’s time for your first post assignment.  With this post, you will introduce yourself to the blogosphere.  Tell us some things about yourself. 

**Include at least one question to the reader to encourage responses.

Include details, but nothing that is personally identifying (e.g. school name, your last name, etc.).  You don’t need to tell everything, just some good details about a few things. 

To be successful, use the post checklist

**Ask how about the steps that are new to you

Write with good details and don’t forget to PROOFREAD!

**Important:  Use your post checklist!

Here is a sample:


Hello world!  One thing you must know about me is that Music is a huge part of my life.  I like to play guitar, and I enjoy seeing music performed live.  Last fall, I enjoyed a concert by Bob Dylan.  He writes and sings very meaningful songs.  Outside on a beautiful summer night, it was a great show!  I attend music festivals when I can, usually during the summer.  There are many different types of music I enjoy, but jazz, particularly guitar jazz,  is one of my favorites.  Recently I’ve been getting into electronic music, particularly a style called downtempo.  I like bands like Tosca and Thievery Corporation.  Click here to listen to Springer by Tosca.  What kind of music do you like?

I could eat pizza every day; it is my all-time favorite food.  I sometimes like just cheese, other times I like pepperoni.  When I feel adventurous, I like explore fancy toppings like sun-dried tomatoes.  I’ve been known to enjoy a BBQ chicken pizza from time to time, as well.  I also like a nice thin crust, but not too crispy, like New York style.  Sometimes I like to bake my own pizza.  It makes my house smell like a pizzeria!  That is the best!  Do you like pizza?  What’s your favorite kind?


Pizza pic:  http://www.freefoto.com/preview/9908-07-127?ffid=9908-07-127

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Guitar pic:  http://www.fotopedia.com/items/flickr-2050181957

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Blog Exploration

Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging.  *Before starting this assignment, please complete the one below this: change nickname, add widget, create an avatar.

blog boardhttp://www.flickr.com/photos/barnett/2836828090/

Some rights reserved

What makes a blog good?   Think about this question as you explore the following 5 blogs.  Each blog has multiple posts; make sure to examine several posts for each.

** Explore each blog for only 5 minutes.

Next, compose a comment to this blog post which addresses these questions:

  • Which was your favorite blog?  Why?
  • Which was your least favorite blog?  Why?
  • What things can you do to make your blog interesting for people to read?
  • How can you get others to read and comment on your blog?

Please compose your comment in Word first; take advantage of the spelling and grammar checkers.  Proofread.  Make sure you have answered all the questions above and that your writing makes sense.

1  Jaden’s Awesome Blog

2    Laura’s Blog

3    Lizzie’s Blog

4    Natalie’s Blog

5    Asha’s Amazing

Have Fun!

Here First: Change nickname, add widget, set time zone, create an avatar

Welcome.  We’re going to begin with some personalizing and housekeeping on your blogs before we proceed with the next blogging assignment.  Before you continue, make sure you are logged in to the blog site by looking for your name at the top of the page.

1)  Change your nickname that will appear with your posts and comments.  Choose ‘Edit my profile’ from the drop down menu where it says, “Howdy” in the upper right corner.  ** Also make sure to change the “Display name publicly as” setting, too.

2)  Go to ‘Widgets’ under the ‘Appearance’ tab on the left side of your dashboard.  Drag the ‘Class Blog’ widget to the widget area.

Then increase the number of blogs (not characters) on this widget to 30.

3)  Set the correct time zone under ‘Settings’ > ‘General’       Choose ‘Denver’, it’s in our time zone.

4)  Finally, create a user avatar that will appear next to all your blog comments.  Please use one of the sites below to create your avatar.  After you create it and save it to your “H” drive (right-click, save picture as).  Allowed Formats: jpeg, gif, and png (not bmp).  You will need to use Powerpoint to save it as a JPG file.  Then upload it on your Dashboard, under Users > Your Avatar.

After all that, proceed to the Blog Exploration assignment.


Build your wild self



Moeruavatar (this one might be blocked at school; you can access from home)


Mini Mizer Lego Avatar creator

Dopple Me

Avatar Maker —  student recommended!  Thanks Shelby!

There are some great ones here.  I haven’t tried them yet.  Let me know if they are any good.

Other avatar sites and instructions for saving and cropping can be found here.

Have fun!